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Welcome to Our New Website!

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Hello, Hillsiders! Welcome to our new website - we're so glad you stopped by!

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming spring season. Opening day is three weeks away, and we are busy planting your favorite containers, hanging baskets, annuals and perennials. The plants are healthy and bursting with new growth within a day or two of being planted. It's a fulfilling time of year as we care for these plant babies and get to see them grow full and lush and colorful!

Every spring brings new things, and we felt it would be the perfect time to debut our new website. This has been a winter project, and we are so pleased with our fresh new look! In addition, we are excited to start sharing our gardening knowledge with weekly blog articles. Do you have an idea for an article? Share with us in the comments below!

On a personal note, I am especially grateful right now for my seasoned crew - most have been with me for multiple spring seasons now, many since Matt and I bought the greenhouse in 2016. They know what they are doing and how the greenhouses operate, and this has been our smoothest spring yet. Take a moment and check out their smiling faces on our "Meet the Gardeners" page!

A focus for us this year is keeping in touch and sharing gardening and plant information with you. If you haven't already, please sign up for our newsletter for weekly gardening tips, plant knowledge, and greenhouse news!

We can't wait to see you in a few short weeks - opening day is Monday, April 10th!

Happy Spring!

- Alycia

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2 comentarios

06 abr 2023

I am SO looking forward to growing season. Do you have Stevia plants?

Me gusta

Lee Detrick
Lee Detrick
03 abr 2023

It's been a LONG winter, and I can't wait till planting season; We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful greenhouse so close to my house (only three blocks away. I already have my list made: zinnia, sunflower, and nasturtiums; lavender and even a hydrangea plant. I am getting so excited!

Me gusta
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