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What are your hours?  


We are open daily from Friday, April 12th through Sunday, June 16th. 


April: Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm | Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm

May: Mon - Fri, 10am - 7pm | Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm

June: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm | Sat & Sun, 10am - 5pm


Can I order plants ahead of time? 


We have a variety of flats that we are happy to pre-order for you!  Please call us if you want something in bulk.  


Do you do custom orders?


Yes!  We will happily work with you to design a container or hanging basket to your liking, or to plant up containers and pots that you bring in to us.  Email with your special request and we will work to make it happen!


(Please be sure to clean out any containers that you bring to us.  Dirt, spider webs, trash, etc. should all be removed, and the container hosed out.  This is to avoid introducing unwelcome pests / insects, many of which are too small to easily see, to our greenhouse.)


Will you hold plants for me if I call ahead? 


Due to space constraints, we have a very limited ability to hold plants in special situations (i.e. you are looking for something and we are low on stock).  If space allows, we can hold your request for 24 hours.  


Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?  


Yes, gift certificates can be purchased at the cash register during business hours.  We can also accept payment for gift certificates over the phone and then hold the gift certificate for the intended recipient (just make sure they know to come pick it up!)


What happens to the leftover plants at the end of the season?


Plants that remain at the end of the season are donated to a local 4-H club and are used to decorate the Logan County Fairgrounds before the annual fair.    


Do you have sales?


We kickstart our season with a perennial sale - 20% off all perennials the first week of our season!  And we encourage customers to take advantage of their Bonus Bucks (see below).


What are Bonus Bucks?  How do they work?


For every $50 you spend in April and May, you earn $5 in Bonus Bucks!  Bonus Bucks can be used starting June 1st, and are good for 50% off the price of your plant purchase, up to the value on your cards.  


So, you have $25 in Bonus Bucks?  You can choose $50 worth of plants, and pay for half the cost using your Bonus Bucks.  Or you can choose $30 worth of plants, use $15 of Bonus Bucks, and have $10 of Bonus Bucks left to spend next time.  This is a great way to put those finishing touches on your garden, and at a bargain!  


Bonus Bucks are only valid through the end of the current season.  


Do you take returns?


Generally speaking, we do not accept returns.  Occasionally, returns may be issued on hard goods for store credit - receipt and manager approval are required.  


All plant purchases are final.


Do you have a bathroom?


This is a very old building (see our history here!) and our plumbing can’t support a public restroom.  We provide a handicap accessible, portable toilet in our parking lot right next to our greenhouses.  In addition, the Village of West Liberty has a very nice public restroom located in the town hall at 201 N. Detroit Street.   


Can I bring my pet to the greenhouse?


Pets are not permitted in any of our greenhouses.  (Registered service animals are of course welcome.)


Can I have an engagement / wedding / family etc. photo shoot in the greenhouse?  


Photo shoots are by pre-approval only, during non-business hours, at a charge of $100/hr.  If interested, please reach out to  

Bonus Bucks
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