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Tomatoes are divided into two categories: determinate and indeterminate.  


Indeterminate: These varieties continue to grow throughout the growing season, and will set and ripen fruit until frost kills the plants. They will give you a slow and steady supply of tomatoes, rather than one large harvest. They tend to start ripening a little later in the season than determinate varieties.  Heirloom tomatoes are all indeterminate.


Determinate: These varieties grow to a fixed mature size and ripen all their fruit in a short period of time (usually about two weeks). Once this first flush of fruit has ripened, the plant will begin to diminish in vigor and will set little to no new fruit.





Black Krim -69 days. A most unusual novelty. Fruits, 8 to 12 oz., are a dark, deep red (almost a shiny black) with heavy green shoulders. Interior is a deep, reddish-green color. Sweet and tasty, with high acid.

Brandywine - 90-100 days. Heirloom dating back to the 1880's. Potato leaf plants with good yields of extra-large, up to 1 1/2 lbs., clear-skinned, light rosy-pink fruit. Considered one of the world's best-flavored tomatoes.  Great slicer.

Better Boy - 75 Days. A spectacular, mid-season variety with plump, juicy, deep red tomatoes that often weigh more than 1 lb. Once they arrive they just keep on coming! Fruits are extremely flavorful, with flesh that's juicy, yet firm.  Demonstrates excellent disease resistance.

Big Beef - 73 days. 1994 AAS Winner. Many experts at AAS trials described this variety as "the best tomato yet developed." Smooth fruits are globe-shaped, weighing 9 to 16 oz. A good choice in any climate, coupled with old-fashioned, rich flavor, it features bred-in hybrid qualities - colossal fruit size and yield, uniformity and a full spectrum of disease resistance.

Big Boy - 78 Days. The hallmark of this large, crack-free tomato is its absolutely superb flavor. Bright red, firm, meaty fruits often weigh 1 pound or more, and feature smooth, blemish-resistant skins. Great for slicing.  Easy to grow.

BeefSteak – Heirloom - 80 days. Large, flattened, solid, meaty, juicy, brilliantly red fruits are slightly ribbed and weigh up to 2 lbs each. An excellent slicer, with a rich, sub-acid flavor.

Carbon - 80 days. Rich, complex flavors made this variety the winner of heirloom tomato taste tests. This dark black tomato produces large, 8 to 12 ounce, crack resistant fruits - similar to 'Cherokee Purple'. Excellent for salads and sandwiches.

Celebrity - 70 Days. This 1984 AAS Winner established a new standard for disease resistance and dependability.  Medium-sized, globe-shaped fruits are crack resistant and average 7 oz. A tried and true favorite.  Semi-determinate.

Cherokee Purple – Heirloom - 80-90 Days. A reliable producer of unusual, medium pink-purple fruits that appear brown in color, and average 10 to 12 oz., each.

Chocolate Cherry - 70 Days.  Extremely flavorful, uniform, round fruits in trusses of 8, measure 1" in diameter. Fruits hold stems very well, don't crack and can be picked several days before completely mature and allowed to ripen off the vine without sacrificing quality. Kids love ‘em!

Early Girl - 57 days. It's hard to find tasty, full-sized fruits like this extra-early in the season! Meaty, ripe red fruits, 4 to 6 oz. Heavy yields on sturdy vines.

German Johnson – Heirloom – 80 Days. German Johnson is a must-have for any garden of those who value rich tomato flavor, good production, and open-pollinated types for seed saving.  Large, nearly seedless 1- to 2-pound fruits. The deep pink color is distinctive, but the real benefit is the flavor: creamy, tangy, meaty, and juicy.

Get Stuffed – 75 days.  Fruits are shaped like bell peppers, are completely hollow and painted with bold yellow striping. Fruits average 5 to 7 oz. and have a delicious classic tomato flavor. For recipes requiring stuffing tomatoes or bell peppers, this newcomer fits the bill. Good yields. Tolerant to Powdery Mildew.

Golden Jubilee - 72 Days. Mild flavor and low acidity make this one of the best varieties for tomato juice. Bright, golden-orange fruits, 2-1/2 to 3" in diameter average 6 to 7 oz. each and have meaty, thick walls. Fruits are solid, with few seeds. Medium-sized plants need staking, and produce high yields, making them ideal for home garden or fresh market.

Hillbilly -85 Days. This heirloom hails from the hills of West Virginia. Alycia’s favorite tomato!  Huge, mildly flavored, beefsteak-type fruits weigh 1 to 2 lbs. each, and are low in acid and a most unusual orange-yellow, streaked and mottled in shades of red and pink. Regular potato leaf variety. Makes a great fried green tomato!

Husky Cherry Red - 65 Days. Season-long production of outstanding 1" fruits that feature excellent flavor. Dwarf indeterminate habit and consistent production makes it perfect for small spaces and containers.

Jet Star - 70 Days. Prolific producer of big, globe-shaped fruits that ripen all the way through. Excellent flavor with low acidity. Nice, compact habit.

Kellogg’s Breakfast - 80-85 Days. Lovely, pale-orange fruits are solid and meaty throughout, packed with mild, superb-tasting flesh. A long-season producer of large, beefsteak-type fruits, up to 16 oz., with solid centers that have just a few seeds at the edges. Great slicer.

Mr. Stripey – Heirloom - 80 Days Red and yellow-striped heirloom variety that adds color to any gourmet salad bar. Large, ridge-shouldered fruits are mild-flavored and low in acid.

Mortgage Lifter – Heirloom – 75-85 Days. Long-time favorite with good yields of very large, 1 to 2 lb., smooth, pink-skinned fruits. Very meaty fruits with few seeds. Very mild, delectable, sweet flavor.  Great slicer.

Pineapple - 85-90 Days. Enormous, uniquely-patterned, yellow-red striped fruits. Beefsteak-type fruits grow to 5 inches or larger with orange-yellow with red streaks. Fruits have meaty flesh, mild flavor, and no green shoulders. Heavy foliaged plants produce good yields. Good slicer.

Red Grape - 64 Days. Sugary sweet, flavorful, crack-resistant fruits are bite-sized, weighing about ½-oz., and can be eaten directly off the vine!

San Marzano - 80 Days Holds well on the vine and in storage. Meaty sauce tomato.  Extra-high solid content is perfect for canning.

Sungold – 57 days. A luscious, bite-size golden beauty overflowing with an abundance of fruits - thin-skinned, with a juicy flesh that holds its oh-so-sweet, fresh-from-the-vine flavor. Very early, and a heavy cropper. Cascading trusses are smothered in fruits that remain ripe and ready for picking over long periods of time. A customer favorite! 

Sunpeach -60 days. Reddish-pink fruits are highly uniform in shape and each 1/2 oz. fruit bursts with fantastic flavor that is just the right balance between sweet and tangy. High-yielding, disease resistant plants produce long trusses of fruits from late summer until fall.

SunSugar - 62 days. The ultimate in cherry tomatoes, this golden yellow beauty achieves a new level of sugary-sweetness and flavor, superb texture, and a tangy true tomato taste. Fruits are a lovely golden yellow, weigh 1/2 oz., and possess thin skins - remarkable, considering its wonderful crack resistance, even in heavy rains. Heavy early cropper. Very vigorous.

Sweet 100 – 68-70 Days.  High in Vitamin C, this heavy yielder will provide hundreds of cherry sized, sweet fruits all season long. They're often used for snacking and salads but are suitable for cooking, freezing, and even pickling, too.

White Potato Leaf Tomato -75-85 days. Make beautiful, white tomato sauces for your gourmet dishes with these unusual white to pale yellow-skinned, flavorful tomatoes. Flattened, 4 to 5" fruits have a pleasing acid flavor.



Bellatrix - 65-70 days. A fairly new introduction. Bright red roma/paste-type tomatoes grow up to 3" long by 2 1/4" wide. Fruits ripen in a short period of time, allowing for a large harvest over the season. Excellent for sauces and salsas. Great for growing in containers.

Bush Early Girl - 54 Days. This "determinate sister" to popular Early Girl delivers the same desirable qualities in a compact, patio-sized variety. Extremely early with huge yields of firm, meaty, flavorful fruits that are larger than Early Girl - a full 4" in diameter.

Carolina Gold - 71 Days.  10 oz. fruits are yellow-gold and deeply oblate with very few seeds. Flesh is firm and meaty with low acid. Vigorous, medium-tall plants should be staked.

Celebrity - 70 Days. This 1984 AAS Winner established a new standard for disease resistance and dependability.  Medium-sized, globe-shaped fruits are crack resistant and average 7 oz. A tried and true favorite.

Galahad - 75 Days. 2020 AAS Winner. If you're having problems growing tomatoes because of Late Blight, then you'll need to give this variety a try. Large, round, great tasting, 12 oz. fruits have broad shoulders and are slightly ribbed. Excellent for canning, salsa, sauces and sandwiches.

Health Kick - 72 Days. A perfect saladette variety - healthy, fine-flavored, with fruits of the brightest red, thanks to 50% higher levels of lycopene. Juicy, plum-shaped fruits weigh about 4 oz. Plants grow about 4ft tall. High yielding.

Roma - 75 Days. Roma is considered to be the most well-known paste-type tomato, perfect for sauces, pastes and ketchup. Heavy crops of bright bright red, pear-shaped fruits are nice and meaty, with very few seeds.

Rutgers – 75 Days. Our most popular tomato with long-time growers, this popular all-purpose variety is ideal for canning.  Bright red fruits with heavy walls average about 7 oz.  Full-bodied flavor and disease resistant.

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