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Welcome to the greenhouse!



We have almost 10,000 square feet of greenhouse space, and each spring we fill every inch with a huge variety of plants, from old fashioned begonias to the newest Proven Winner petunias. We love to hear from our customers that the greenhouse is their happy place. Come in for some plant therapy and relaxation, and to get that fresh spring greenhouse smell! 

 Of course, we carry your traditional garden staples, but Alycia also loves to find interesting and unusual plants and aims to satisfy the pickiest of flower and foliage enthusiasts.  Our geraniums are a customer favorite, and we grow over 4000 of them every year!  We love to do custom orders and have a great time putting together unique combinations you won’t find at other greenhouses.  We also have a growing retail sales area that gets better every year.  Get the best quality tools, gloves, pots, fairy garden supplies, and gardener gifts here!

Take a scroll down this page for an online tour of our greenhouses -

and we hope to be able to welcome you in person soon!  


The Front Greenhouse

Our front greenhouse is a magical room filled with bright annuals, colorful foliage,

and flowering containers of all types.  

Annuals | Accent plants (vinca, ivy, spikes) | Grasses | Canna Lilies, Elephant Ears, & Dahlias

Fairy Garden Plants | Succulents & Cacti

Hanging Baskets | Ferns | Porch Pots | Custom Planters & Containers | Posey Pouches


The Middle Greenhouse


It's undeniable - the showstopper in this room are our geraniums!  But there is so much more to see.  This greenhouse contains all of our annual Proven Winners, our fantastic houseplant section, our potting bench & pottery wall, a great selection of pond plants, as well as more hanging baskets and porch pots.  

Geraniums | Proven Winners Annuals | Porch Pots | Hanging Baskets

Pond Plants | Houseplants | Pottery | AquaPots


The Back Greenhouse


The back greenhouse is slightly less colorful - but actually contains some of our favorite plants!  We have a huge selection of perennials in both quart and gallon sizes, including Proven Winners, climbers, shrubs, roses, and more.  Want a flat of marigolds?  This is where you'll find them!  And last but certainly not least - veggies and herbs are all here!  


Perennials | Shrubs | Roses | Native Plants | Grasses

Annual Flats | Vegetables | Herbs | Fruits

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